Crime boss secret recordings entered into evidence today

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Two new recorded conversations between crime boss Willem Holleeder and his sister Astrid have surfaced. These conversations were recorded by Astrid before Holleeder was arrested. Portions of these conversations have been added to the criminal file against him.

NRC reported this on Friday based on sources familiar with the dossier.

One of the conversations is about the implications of the statements made by key witness Fred Ross, who made a deal with the judiciary last year. In the other conversation Holleeder is talking about his other sister Sonja, in a threatening manner. According to NRC, this conversation supports the claim that Holleeder was planning to have Sonja murdered.

Holleeder is appearing in court on Friday for a pro-forma hearing. He is suspected of involvement in the murders of Cor van Hout - Sonja's husband - in 2003, Willem Endstra in 2004, Kees Houtman in 2005, John Mieremet in 2005 and Thomas van der Bijl in 2006. He is also accused of participating in a criminal organization.

According to the newspaper, Holleeder's sisters Sonja and Astrid and his ex-girlfriend Sandra Klepper will be questioned as witnesses on Friday. A letter from their counsel Wout Morra shows that they do not object to a hearing in open court. Their only conditions are that they be kept out of sight of the public gallery and that Holleeder should not be able to make direct eye contact with them.


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