Suspects get jail time in imprisoned teen prostitute case

Three men who had paid sex with a 16 year old girl in a cellar in Schiedam have been sentenced to up to nine months in prison. Two others were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

The suspects all claimed that they did not know the girl was underage, AD reports. The fact that the girl was being kept in a cellar played a big role in their sentencing.

The 16 year old girl was being held captive in a cellar while her boyfriend, the pimp, and three of his friends offered her as prostitutes on sex sites. The girl received at least a dozen customers over two days in May last year. The case come to light in May when the boyfriend turned himself in to the police after an attack of conscience.

Suspect Rohiel G. and Hanok T. were acquitted due to a lack of evidence against them. The other three received jail time. Hamid S. was sentenced to 9 months unconditional, Patrick O. got 9 months, three of which conditionally suspended, and Johan A. was sentenced to four months, two of which conditionally suspended.

Two weeks ago the Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences of 9 months, 3 suspended against four of the five suspects. Against the fifth one, Hamid S., the prosecutor demanded 9 unconditional months, because he already has a criminal record showing a sex offense.

The four suspects who forced the girl into prostitution will be appearing in court later this year.