Dutch ISIS defector may have detailed military plans

The Air Force sergeant who is believed to have joined ISIS may have sensitive information on ongoing military missions, as well as personal information on his colleagues currently involved in the the fight against the terrorist organization.

"Many of this defector's former colleagues will be very concerned about that", lawyer Michael Ruperti, who specializes in military criminal cases, said to the Telegraaf. "He had the rank of petty officer, so he has been there for a while, and so has a lot of knowledge about the organization and the staff. This is very serious."

Sources at the Gilze Rijen airbase, where the defecting sergeant held a position of trust, told the newspaper that they are concerned that the defector will betray secret "rules of engagement" of the Dutch mission in Mali. "Here the biggest concern is that he may know the rules of engagement with which crews of our Apache helicopters and Chinook transport helicopter take off from their desert bases in Mali", one soldier at the airbase said.

These helicopters are mainly used to support Dutch special forces on their multi-day explorations for the UN mission Minumsa. Several groups of Muslim extremists who actively maintain ties with Islamic State are active in Mali.



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