“Angry shopkeeper” held for locking bike to armored car

Armored car stunt helicopter
A helicopter flies over the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam as police respond nearby to a disturbance at an armored truck. Aug. 28, 2015 (photo: Zack Newmark / NL Times). (photo: Zack Newmark / NL Times)

Authorities responded in massive numbers to the Waterlooplein neighborhood of Amsterdam when a man locked a bicycle frame to the front of an armored cash transport truck. The incident happened on Houtkopersdwarsstraat near Jodenbreestraat early Friday afternoon after the G4S-owned vehicle pulled up on the sidewalk to restock an ATM there.

Investigators led one person from the scene in handcuffs, once the chain lock and bicycle were removed from the vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene said a businessman, angered that the truck blocks his storefront every week, was responsible for the incident, according to broadcaster AT5.

One worker at local retailer 290 Square Meters says the truck was parked so close to their entrance that it was nearly impossible to get in or out of their location. He told the NL Times he is not sure who the man was that police arrested, but does not believe it is someone connected with his business.