Police rescue 14 smuggled migrants from cargo truck

Fourteen stowaways were discovered hiding in the back of a cargo truck in Halsteren on Thursday morning. The police believe that they are refugees. The 64 year old Polish truck driver has been arrested for human trafficking.

According to NU, a passerby saw a group of people standing around the truck on Thursday morning and called the police. The police found the truck as it was driving over Steenbergseweg in Halsteren and stopped it for a check. They found the 14 stowaways in the back of the truck.

All stowaways and the truck driver were taken to the police station for questioning. So far nothing is known about the stowaways' nationality or where they were heading.

Migrants hiding in the back of trucks is becoming an inceasingly large problem all over the European Union. An investigation has been launched in Austria after a refrigerated truck containing the bodies of up to 50 refugees was discovered on the hard shoulder of the A4 highway about 50 kilometers southeast of Vienna, Sky News reports. It is believed that these refugees suffocated, though the cause of death has not yet been confirmed. The Austrian interior ministry confirmed that there had been between 20 and 50 deaths.