Mom gets community service for teacher choke hold

A 33 year old mother from Zwolle was sentenced to 60 hours of community service on Thursday for grabbing a teacher by the throat and choking her earlier this year.

According to the Telegraaf, the mother Jose in den B. admitted to grabbing her daughter's teacher by the throat on the playground of the primary school De Toonladder on March 17th. Witnesses told the court that the chokehold lasted at least half a minute and that the teacher collapsed after she was released.

According to In den B., she wanted to know from the teacher why her child was upset. The teacher would have scolded the child. When the teacher did not respond, things got out of hand.

The teacher had trouble with her throat for days after the incident. According to the Public Prosecutor, she is still struggling with the consequences. "Nothing justifies a teacher being abused like this in the schoolyard of an elementary school in front of parents and children", the prosecutor said according to the newspaper. The Prosecutor had demanded 180 hours of community service against the mother.

The school intervened immediately after the incident. In den B. was not allowed on the schoolyard for 30 days. The school also tried to transfer her children, but did not succeed.