Video: First-ever pig’s milk cheese on sale at a staggering price

Piggy's Palace pig's milk cheese (Picture: Facebook/Piggy's Palace). (Piggy's Palace pig's milk cheese (Picture: Facebook/Piggy's Palace))

Farmer Erik Stegink of Piggy's Palace in Bathmen, Overijssel has made cheese history - the first ever cheese made from pig's milk. This special cheese only costs about 1,500 euros per pound.

According to Hart van Nederland, the farmer teamed up with a local cheese maker to try and answer the question: why not make cheese from pig's milk?

After 40 hours of pig milking and several failed attempts, they finally succeeded in making a few pounds of cheese. "It was a hell of a job", Erik said to Hart van Nederland. "With as many as ten people, we spent hours to get a few liters of milk."

Due to the high cost of making the cheese, it is questionable whether it will ever be available in store. Half of it will be sold in an auction via Facebook, so those interested to taste can get a piece.

Na enkele keren van verbetering en veel geduld met uithoudingsvermogen kunnen we morgen een "wereldprimeur" aankondigen .......

Geplaatst door Piggy's Palace op Maandag 17 augustus 2015