Some 9,300 Imtech jobs rescued in sell-off worth €143 million

Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)

The sale of three Imtech divisions has secured 143 million euros for the payment of trade creditors. These realized transactions have also save approximately 9,300 jobs, including about 2,300 in the Netherlands.

The bankruptcy curators for Imtech announced this in a press release on Tuesday. The curators confirmed the latest sale - the Belgian activities of Imtech Traffic & Infra was sold to RCPT Beheer B.V. This sale saved 1,965 of the total 2,093 jobs in this divisions. 994 of these jobs are in the Netherlands.

This means that a total of three Imtech divisions have been sold off so far - Imtech Traffic & Infra, which secured 39 million euros for Imtech trade creditors, Imtech Marine, secured 48 million euros, and Imtech Nordic, secured 56 million euros. According to the curators, these sell-offs also secured tens of millions of euros for the obligations of these divisions to other creditors.

The sell-offs are also beneficial to Imtech's banks - 120 million euros in bank guarantees are no longer in danger because the assignments and projects will be completed under the leadership of new owners.

The curators are hopeful that parts of the Imtech Benelux division will be transferred to new owners soon.