Assoc.: Too many schools do not have fiber internet connections

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Too many primary schools do not have access to a proper internet connection. This threatens to deprive 900 thousand pupils of modern education in the coming years, thousands of pupils are already affected.

The PO-Raad, the interest organization for primary education, announced this on Monday. The organization is calling on the government, provinces and municipalities to make quick work of connecting all schools to fiber optic networks to ensure fast internet.

"A fast internet connection of sufficient bandwidth is crucial for good and modern education", said Rinda den Besten, chairman of the PO-Raad. "It is therefore important that the government, municipalities and provinces together with schools ensure as soon as possible that this is available to all students. Otherwise a generation of kids will be left behind."

According to the organization, 59 percent of schools currently do not have access to future-proof, affordable and fast internet. This is already hindering 5 to 10 percent of schools. Many schools can not afford to upgrade their digital infrastructure.

At the same time schools are making more and more use of computers and digital adaptive materials to give students a challenging education, tailored to each child's needs. "These materials can adapt to the level of a pupil. A child who needs extra practice can therefore do extra practice while his classmate, who needs more of a challenge, can get that too.", according to the organization.