Ex-wife: Nurse murder suspect had motorcycle gang after him

John F., the man arrested for the murder of Linda van der Giesen, had motorcycle gang Satudarah after him, according to his first ex wife Bianca van den Berg from Etten-Leur. He was in hiding for weeks.

Bianca said this on the SBS program Hart van Nederland on Wednesday night. F. turned himself in to the police on Tuesday. Linda van der Giesen was shot dead in the parking lot of the Tweesteden Hospital on Monday afternoon.

Bianca is John F.'s first ex-wife. The two had a four year long relationship and have two children together. Then F. started a relationship with Jeske van den Boom from Zevenbergen. They were together for about 10 years, seven and a half years married, and have a son together. After Jeske, John F. had a relationship with Linda.

According to Bianca, the whole conflict between Linda and John F. revolves around his son with Jeske, whom John loves very much. Linda told Jeske incriminating information about John F. and Jeske decided that he could not see his son anymore. John threatened Linda. "Then Linda, along with Jeske, sent Satudarah after him. He was in hiding for a few weeks." Bianca said to the program. This was also the reason he got hold of a firearm.

There was a very good chance that he would not be able to see his son again, according to Bianca. "If my little guy is not home by August 9th, all hell will break loose", John said to her. "Then I'm going to do something I'll regret." When she heard abut the shooting in Waalwijk, Bianca immediately knew it was John.

Bianca told Hart van Nederland that John had a difficult childhood. He grew up in orphanages and had little love in his life. She is relieved that he decided to turn himself in. "I am happy that he turned himself in and I hope he gets the help he needs."