Amsterdam: North-South subway will survive Imtech collapse

Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)Imtech building in Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gerd Fahrenhorst)

The Amsterdam North-South subway line will not collapse if Imtech does not survive its financial troubles. Visser & Smit Bouw, a subsidiary of construction company VolkerWessels, will take over if Imtech goes bankrupt, a spokesperson for VolkerWessels confirmed to NOS.

According to the broadcaster, Imtech and Visser & Smit Bouw are working on the North-South line together and both companies are contractually obligated to continue work if one of the parties goes bankrupt.

On Tuesday Raymond Schra, spokesperson for the project, stated that there will be consequences for the project should Imtech fall. The company is involved in all installation activities connected to the stations and tunnels. He sees VolkerWessels assurances that they will continue "primarily as a positive signal to the suppliers", Schra said to NOS. "Whatever happens, the work goes on."