Nurse murder suspect John F. turns self in

Linda van der Giesen (Photo: Facebook)Linda van der Giesen (Photo: Facebook)

John F., the suspect in the murder of nurse Linda van der Giesen at the Tweesteden hospital in Waalwijk on Monday, turned himself in to the police on Tuesday afternoon. He is in custody for further investigation. The Public Prosecutor in Breda expects that he will be arraigned on Friday.

F. has previously been convicted for violent offenses, his ex-wife Jeske van den Boom said to Omroep Brabant. She would not say how many times he has been convicted, or for what violent crimes, but did say that she and Linda were not the only women reported to the police that F. threatened them. "I know several women. Not personally, but I know they are there." she said to the broadcaster. "John is a charmer and manipulative. He knows exactly how to wind women around his finger. But those who get to know John better, see the truth. A man who lies and cheats, and is difficult to get rid of."

Van den Boom went into hiding after Linda's death on Monday, at the express request of the police. Her store "Duke's Tattoo and Bodyart" in Zevenbergen had to be closed for safety. The store is now once again open to customers.

A closed memorial for Linda, mother of a four year old son, will be held this week. The St. Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg has opened an online book of condolence. A memorial Facebook page and a publicly accessible online condolence book have also been created.