Police dog Django seriously injured in disturbed man's arrest

Django (Picture: Politie)Django (Picture: Politie)

Django, a six year old police dog, was seriously injured in the arrest of a aggressive, disturbed man in Uithoorn on Sunday night.

The suspect forced his way into a flat in the Straatsburg apartment building around midnight via the balcony. The resident managed to get away through the front door and call the police.

Officers tried to persuade the man to leave the flat, but he would not cooperate. Using the resident's key, police officers eventually entered the apartment but the suspect still resisted arrest, which is when Django was deployed.

The man broke through a window to try and escape via adjacent balconies. Django tried to grab the suspect through the broken window and tore all the tendons in his left shoulder.

Police officer set off after the suspect, using pepper spray to try and subdue him. He was finally arrested several balconies further.

Django underwent surgery at a veterinary hospital and will recuperate at home with his owner. Whether or not he will ever work with the police again depends on his recovery.