Swimming ban causes traffic jams towards Zeeland coast

The swimming ban in the North Sea between Wassenaar and Scheveningen has resulted in traffic jams towards the Zeeland coast. The swimming ban was implemented due to the presence of sea sparkle. According to the RIjkswaterstaat, there is no sea sparkle along the Zeeland coast, and many sunbathers are now heading there, NOS reports.

According to the ANWB, there are traffic jams from Rotterdam towards Zeeland on the A15 and N57 towards the Brouwersrsdam. There are also traffic jams on the A4 from Rotterdam towards Bergen op Zoom. From Brabant the traffic is worst on the A58 and the N59 towards Vlissingen. The roads in Noord Holland heading towards the coast are also very busy.

The swimming ban between Wassenaar and Scheveningen was implemented on Sunday after a strange red slick was spotted floating in the North Sea. The Rijkswaterstaat identified it as sea sparkle on Monday. Sea sparkle is not toxic, but can cause irritation to the skin and respiratory tract. The Rijkswaterstaat therefore decided to keep the swimming ban in force for Monday. They will test the water again later in the day.