Number of invalidated exams halves

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The number of exams that were declared invalid during this last exam period showed a significant decrease - only 850 students had to completely or partially retake their exams, compared to 1,690 last year.

This is according to figures from the Education Inspectorate, NRC reports. The most common reason for an exam being invalidated this year was carelessness, such as an erratum not being announced, poor IT facilities or faulty equipment. Other reasons for exams being declared invalid were unrest in the examination room, power failure and a student becoming unwell.

This year 206,300 high school students wrote their final examination. More than 99 percent of these exams were written without a hitch.

The high figure for last year was due to a software error in a calculation of a digital exam. Some 1,133 exams had to be partly retaken due to this error.