Cow attacks firefighters after they rescued it

Cow (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ Kumbayo)Cow (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ Kumbayo)

Firefighters were attacked by a rather ungrateful cow after they had successfully rescued the animal from the Aduarderdiep in Groningen on Saturday.

According to RTV Noord, the cow had sought relief from the hot weather in the water of the Aduardediep along Harm Evert Woldersweg. But once in the water, the cow could not get out because of the steep banks.

The fire department was called in to help. Firefighters were able to get the animal out of the water with the help of a crane and two vehicles. The animal was so upset by the commotion, that she tried to attack her rescuers.

Neither the firefighters or the cow were seriously injured - walking way with only a few scratches, Dablad van het Noorden reports.