Helper dogs to aid kids with behavioral disorders

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The Hoenderloo Group and Hulphond Nederland have teamed in to provide Animal Assisted Therapy to kids with behavioural disorders, Huplhond Nederland announced earlier this week. This proven therapy with service dogs now forms part of the Hoenderloo Group's treatment program.

Hulphond Nederland has already been running a test with this treatment for the past year. The aim of this treatment is to help kids with complex behavioural problems gain better communication skills, increase their self confidence and learn to regulate aggression.  150 young people have already completed the program successfully.

The results are so promising that Hoenderloo Group has decided to add it, under the guidance of Hulphond Nederland, to its treatment program. The program treatment is incorporated within school hours, allowing the kids to get time off to follow the sessions.

"We are seeing fantastic results from this animal assisted therapy in young people", said Erwin Deutsch, director of the Hoenderloo Group. "We are working hard to create opportunities and prospects for all young people who stay with us. This program helps with service dogs with this in a wonderful way"

"Dogs mirror the behaviour that they observe around them", Eric Bower, CEO of Hulphond Nederland explained "Our special counsellors will be able to confront the kids in a intelligent way with the effects of their own behaviour .The kids look forward to the sessions and work hard on their behaviour in order to complete the program successfully."