Rotterdam police investigate "drug letters"

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The Rotterdam police have launched an investigation into the delivery of parcels containing drugs to seemingly random addresses in the Zuid-Holland area Voorne-Putten.

The first such package was received in February. The police know of at least six envelopes being delivered to addresses in Spijkenisse, Hellevoetsuils and Oostvoorne. The police would like to come into contact with anyone else who may have received such an envelope.

According to the police, the envelopes were intended for an address abroad, but for some reason were delivered to the return addresses stated on the envelope. The people living at those addresses have no knowledge of the envelopes and are not responsible for sending them abroad. The police believe that the real sender put random addresses on the envelopes.

In all cases it involved an A6 envelope with bubble wrap on the inside and with both a blue priority stamp and an ordinary stamp on it. The envelopes contained pills containing ecstasy and cocaine.

The police believe that more people may receive similar envelopes. They advise the recipients to touch the envelope as little as possible and to contact the police immediately.