Teen prostitute: Sex with 8 men daily for 10 days; Pimp: she wanted it

The public prosecutor's office demanded three years in prison, of which six months should be conditional release, for Armin A., the 21-year-old suspected of pimping out a 16-year-old girl at the Hotel Botterweck in Valkenburg, Limburg. Closing statements were scheduled for a Thursday court session, where he is on trial for inciting the teen into prostitution

Sentencing is scheduled to take place in two weeks. His alleged victim, 16 year old "Kimberly" is not, but her lawyer is, Jeroen Wetzels reports, live tweeting from within the courtroom.

It was revealed in court today that when first questioned by the police, Kimberly said that going into prostitution was her own idea, but later told the police that A. had asked her why she doesn't have sex for money. She told the police that she had sex with eight clients a day for ten days and that A. opened the door for customers. A. had also told her on what website she could create a profile and he paid for the advertisement. According to Kimberly, she gave all the money she made to A.

"She wanted to do prostitution work. She had heard about it from friends," A. told the court on Thursday. "I did not want her to go into prostitution. I said that I wanted nothing to do with it. She kept insisting. Finally I went with her because otherwise she would have gone on her own."

A. admitted to the court that he booked and paid for the hotel room where Kimberly received her customers. He also admitted to occasionally opening the door for clients. He said that Kimberly "sometimes" gave him money she earned with prostitution, "for eating or gambling".

It was also revealed in court that A. was previously convicted for extortion, assault, robber and violent robbery. The Court President told A. that his criminal record is "impressive", to which A. responded that he made "silly little mistakes".

Of the suspected 80 accused of having sex with "Kimberley," 29 will also be prosecuted, with 23 of them having confessed to paying for the encounter.