Newspaper reunites French woman with Dutch foster parents

Pacifier (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Philipp Antar). (Pacifier (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Philipp Antar))

Jessica Simon, a young French woman was reunited with the Dutch foster parents who cared for her as a baby after an article in Dutch newspaper AD.

On September 20th, 1991 a stroller containing a 9 month old girl was found in a parking lot in Breda. There was no sign of the girl's parents and she was placed with a foster family, who called her Saskia. Her picture was broadcast on Opsporing Verzocht in an effort to find the baby's parents. She was finally identified as Jessica Sandra Simon, born in December 1990 in Lyon, France. Her father abandoned her in Breda after an argument with Jessica's mother, his ex-wife.

Jessica lived in the foster home for three years while Dutch and French authorities determined what to do with her. The court finally ruled that she had to return to her biological mother in France. What followed was a childhood full of abuse and more foster families.

The now 24 year old Jessica, now with a son of her own, has gotten her life together and decided to try and get in touch with that first foster family, the one who gave her three years of a happy childhood. The only problem was that all she could remember was a last name - Rosman - and a city - Breda. After some digging on the internet, she got in touch with AD reporter Cyril Rosman, who had to disappoint her as he was not her foster father. He did however decide to write an article about her story.

On Monday, Amanda Bosma was scanning through the AD article when she realized that this could be her foster sister. She immediately called her parents, who are holidaying in France. And later called the author of the article. Now it's only a matter of time before she will be reunited with her foster sister. "I've always wondered how she is doing. If she still remembers us." Amanda said to the AD.

"It wasn't Rosman, but Bosma. And she was found in Breda, but we took her in in Houten", Yolanda Bosma explained to the AD from their holiday destination in France. "It was a big surprise that she was looking to contact us. Very nice." Yolanda and Hendrik Bosma have already decided to stop in Macon and visit Jessica on their way back from their holiday.