Eight new leads in Zaandam assassination, manhunt continues

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)Gunman firing at Lucas Boom in Zaandam (Picture: Twitter)

So far the police have received 8 tips regarding the assassination of underworld figure Lucas Boom in Zaandam on Tuesday. Television program Opsporing Verzocht broadcast information about the case last night.

A spokesperson for the police told NOS that some of the tips are very interesting, but would not say where the tips came from.

The suspect arrested on Tuesday afternoon is still in custody. The police are investigating his role in the assassination. The man was arrested after his description was spread through Burgernet. A witness saw him near a burnt out brown minivan that the police believe was the perpetrators getaway car.

A large team of investigators are working on this case. They are speaking with witnesses and doing a neighborhood- and trace evidence investigation.