Schiphol a mess after central security checkpoints begin

Madness at Schiphol airport (Picture: Twitter/@ErwinPellegrom). (Madness at Schiphol airport (Picture: Twitter/@ErwinPellegrom))

Chaos reigned at Schiphol this weekend after the introduction of the new security checkpoints. Travelers both departing from and arriving at the airport had to deal with crowds and long lines, often turning to Twitter to voice their complaints.

"Bizarre, really bizarre waiting time for the checkpoint. Happy about one hour delay, or I would have missed my flight", one woman tweeted at the start of her journey on Sunday morning. Arriving passengers also had complaints. "OMG, what a mess", a passenger arriving at Schiphol from London tweeted. Another arriving passenger thinks that the airport and the Koninklijke Marechaussee, Royal Military Police, "dropped the ball".

Schiphol did its best to reply to all disgruntled passengers' tweets and offer apologies with tweets like "it is unfortunately very busy, we are doing our best to minimize the waiting time". A spokesperson for the airport told RTV Noord-Holland that it is too early to conclude that the long lines are the result of the new security checkpoints. There were also long waiting times in departure hall 1, where the new system was introduced last year. The spokesperson stressed that it could be a combination of factors.