Public turns against Health Sec. after social care crisis

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A massive 60 percent of Dutch voters would have voted for the motion of no confidence against State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Public Health in the latest debate on the chaos surrounding the personal budgets in healthcare.

This is according to Maurice de Hond's latest poll. 74 percent of voters thought it a good thing that there was a 6th debate on the personal budget payments in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament.

People who voted for the PVV in 2012 were the biggest supporters of the motion of no confidence, with 89 percent saying they would vote for it. Only 30 percent of D66 voters from 2012 were for the motion of no confidence. Among PvdA 2012 voters, voters for Van Rijn's own party, 45 percent approved and 49 percent did not.

People who voted for the PvdA and VVD this year are completely against the vote of no confidence, only 2 percent of PvdA voters and 12 percent of VVD voters indicated that they were for the motion.