More explosives found at Groningen grocery store

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An explosive was placed at a Jumbo supermarket on Overwinngingsplein in Groningen on Sunday night. The explosive went off, damaging a window.

This is the second explosive placed at a Jumbo store in Groningen in a month. A bomb was also found at the Jumbo store on Wilheminakade in Groningen on May 9th. This one did not go off.

A spokesperson for the police told the Telegraaf that they assume that these two cases are connected. According to him, there are several similarities, such as both explosives being placed at night and a Jumbo supermarket being the target in both cases. As both incidents took place at night, the police suspect that the perpetrator is not out to hurt anyone, but rather cause damage to buildings. The motive for these attacks are still unknown.

The police will keep an extra eye on Jumbo stores in the city of Groningen in the coming days. A spokesperson for Jumbo also confirmed that extra security measures have been taken for Jumbo stores in Groningen.