Bullet still stuck in man's throat a year after Amsterdam shooting

The police are still looking for the gunman in a shooting on Bijlmerplein in Amsterdam on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014. One man was shot in the face. The bullet is still in the man's throat - more than a year after the shooting. Opsporing Verzocht paid attention to this case on Tuesday.

The shooting happened around midnight on May 13th last year. The victim -  a cafe owner, his girlfriend and a friend were locking the business on Bijlmersplein. They were walking towards the car park P24 when they were overtaken by two men on bicycles. One of these men made a remark to the woman. The victim said something in return and was shot in the face. The bullet went through his jaw and tongue and ended up in his throat. As surgery would have been too risky, the doctors decided to leave the bullet where it was.

The shooter had a stout build, short dark hair and was wearing a dark green jacket and a Nike T-shirt. He was riding an "Opoe" bicycle with a curved frame. The man who was with him, the one who made the remark to the woman, had a slim build, dreadlocks and was wearing a baseball jacket with white sleeves. They fled toward the Anton de Komplein on their bicycles after the accident.

The police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or saw the perpetrators fleeing after the incident.