Labour: Deposits on clothing, toys will decrease waste

Universal Recycling Symbol (picture: Chris Buckley/Wikimedia)Universal Recycling Symbol (picture: Chris Buckley/Wikimedia)

Dutch labour party PvdA wants customers to pay a deposit on several types of goods that is repaid when they return the used product back to the store. The coalition partner believes that it should enhance recycling for products like clothing, toys and cans.

The credit for returning the used product could contribute to a discount on new products or gifts certificates for future purchases, the party said.

If customers returned their used goods to shops, they would be more aware of its value, the party argues. The measure is a "step towards a greener and a more sustainable economy," the author of the initiative, MP Yasemin Çegerek, said.

Currently, a surplus of good clothing material that could be reused is simply disposed of, according to Çegerek. She argues that her proposition could result in a more efficient usage of materials and help reduce waste. The measure would also have its benefits for enterprises by bringing customers back into the shop, according to the MP.

Çegerek wants Infrastructure Minister Wilma Mansveld to suggest a list of materials where a deposit could "contribute to a more sustainable economy".

Other parties are more skeptical about the idea. They say that the measure would result in extra red tape and additional costs for enterprises and customers, RTL Nieuws reported. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment also provided no response to the PvdA proposition.