Prevent missing children beach campaign starts in Scheveningen

Rescue officer putting a wristband on a child (Picture: Twitter/@Reddingsbrigade)Rescue officer putting a wristband on a child (Picture: Twitter/@Reddingsbrigade)

The rescue brigade and police are launching their beach campaign to prevent children from getting lost during the holidays in Scheveningen today - the International Day for the Missing Child.

From today the authorities are handing out a total of 120 thousand wristbands on which parents can write their child's name and their cellphone number. The police hope that this will help lost children being reunited with their parents as quickly as possible. These wristbands will be distributed on beaches and in recreational areas.

According to the AD, about 900 lost children are reunited with their parents during the summer every year.

In addition to the wrist bands, parents will also receive tips on how to make arrangements with their kids to firstly prevent them from getting lost, and if it should happen, what to do to find their parents again. These tips include always keeping an eye on small children, both on the beach and in the water. Make sure that cellphones are switched on, charged and where you can hear them ringing. Decide on a recognizable fixed point to meet each other should you become separated. Immediately notify the rescue brigade if your child is lost.


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