Netherlands adults happy, but worried about money

Happy people (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Emanuele Spies)Happy people (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Emanuele Spies)

The majority of the Dutch population say they are satisfied with their lives. Even though two-thirds of the population are satisfied with their earnings or savings, six out of ten still worry about their personal financial future, according to Statistics Netherlands' (CBS) research published on Thursday.

Personal income satisfaction does not necessarily exclude concerns about the future, CBS emphasized.

More than 85 percent of Dutch adults are positive about their relationship, home and living environment, leaving finances as the biggest concern. However, only ten percent of the adults are actually dissatisfied with their financial status and 22 percent are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

Approximately 86 percent of the highest income group are satisfied with their financial status. This number decreases in proportion within every income group as the income decreases, as well, drawing CBS to conclude that financial satisfaction is directly linked to a person's cash position.

Slightly more than six out of ten people are worried about their financial future. Roughly 25 percent of people in the highest income group said they were very worried, while another 25 percent said they were somewhat worried. Forty percent of the lowest income group are also very concerned about their monetary situation in the coming years.


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