Psychologist: Gays aren't equal, destroying "normal" marriage

A gay couple holding hands (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Paumier). (A gay couple holding hands (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Paumier))

"Homosexuality is not equal to heterosexuality. Scientifically it is absolutely absurd." This is according to Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg, speaking at a campaign event in Dublin organized by the Catholic Alliance for the Defense of the Family and Marriage on Wednesday.

"Homosexuality is presented by the majority of media as a question of unjust discrimination of people who in themselves are just a little bit different by nature... denied rights the majority enjoy. This is absolutely absurd and completely nonsensical", he said, Irish Times reports.

The psychologist believes that people are not born gay. "Gay children do not exist, another propaganda item". He said that gay people are "comparable with alcoholics or other persons who are addicts" and that most gay relationships are "promiscuous by nature".

Van den Aardweg also claimed that global organizations wanted "to deal a blow to normal marriage and the family" with global sexual ideology "and to this end they use the homosexual movement, the sexual rights movement". According to him, many scientific institutions have been take over by "active militant gays", who use these institutions to further the "gay cause".

According to the Irish Times, Van den Aardweg also claimed that wealthy organizations are trying to impose homosexuality on the world, as well as the abortion movement, feminism and freemasonry. He called it a network with the aim "to reduce marriage, and that will be one of the effects if gay marriage is accepted".