Crook snatches 10 balls from pro bowlers' car and splits

Bowling Balls
A bowling alley in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland. August 17, 2010 (photo: GH Cheng / Flickr). (A bowling alley in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland. August 17, 2010 (photo: GH Cheng / Flickr))

Two professional bowlers were dealt a blow when they discovered that a sandbagging thief stole ten bowling balls from the trunk of their car. The married bowlers were venting about the theft, finding the suspect took off down the lane and the balls would not return.

The car was parked in front of their house on Hofdijkstraat in Beverwijk, and not in an alley, when it was broken into, Petra van der Worp said on Facebook. The crime left the pair in a jam with a league match this coming Sunday.

“I play in a league, and next Sunday my teammates and I are playing for first place,” she told RTV Noord Holland. “But I need my own balls to bowl. Now the girls have to do it by themselves on Sunday and I can only watch.”

The 90 kilogram set of balls belong to her and her partner, Martin Spoelstra. There were two bags with three balls in them, and another two bags with two balls in them.

“They are all drilled to measure, and because of that someone else cannot use them,” she said. The collection cost thousands of euros and several years to put together. “I don’t understand a thing about it!” she exclaimed to the broadcaster.

They reported the crime to police, and to help make sure the balls are not just dumped in a gutter. Also stolen was a camera, a TomTom, two pairs of bowling shoes and accessories, she said on Facebook.

Now it’s your roll, police detectives. Van der Worp is hoping someone comes forward with a tip so the police don't miss and pin down the suspect, before the slick criminal strikes again.

What a turkey.