's cheeky customer service wins over expectant mom

Letter sent to a customer (Picture: Facebook/ (Letter sent to a customer (Picture: Facebook/

An expectant mom was pleasantly surprised by an endearing letter from telling her that a product she ordered is unavailable. 

28 year old Marion Keijser from Terborg, Gelderland ordered a baby monitor and a nightlight in the shape of a cow, AD reports. But the cow nightlights were out of stock. With the baby monitor, Marion received a witty letter explaining that there are no more cows left.

"We regret to tell you that someone has left the pasture gate open. Now all the mischievous cows have escaped. Very annoying of course, especially since you just ordered it." the letter reads. "Searching for the escaped cows we saw a heard of adorable doggies. Loyal, lovable animals, that will certainly not run away. Therefore we decided to put a doggy with your order instead of a cow." also added a second night light to the package. "So that your doggy is never alone."

Marion is delighted by the note, which she posted on Facebook. ", you are forgiven", she wrote with the post. A total of 22,702 people have liked the post and it has been shared almost 150 times.

The letter was written by the supplier of the lights and two employees. The online store told the AD that not every customer receives such a letter. "We want to do something to disappoint our customers as little as possible and to solve problems as well as possible, we look at each situation." a spokesperson said. "We want to be creative and surprise the customer, but there are no set rules for this."