Vondelpark group wants ban on barbecues

The association Vrienden van het Vondelpark - Friends of the Vondelpark - wants a barbecue ban in the park as they believe it would significantly reduce the level of pollution. The association announced on their Facebook page.

The group wrote a letter to alderman Paul Slettenhaar asking him to stop the current barbecue tolerant experiment. According to the group, they were against the experiment from the start, but agreed because the plans seemed reasonable. "Now it turns out that the nuisance of the barbecue is disproportionately high", the group writes. They feel that the municipality should accept that a barbecue ban is necessary and should enforce it.

"After three summers all Amsterdam residents have seen that the Vondelpark is harmed by the massive dining- and drinking parties." the association writes. "Plants and lawns are damaged, home and park animals eat the unhealthy fat leftovers, children and dogs are at risk from glass fragments. In some places the monumental Vondelpark looks like a grotty festival ground in the morning. This must stop"