Video: Police need leads in gang murder of Brazilian Luana Luz Xavier

Black BMW used in Luana Luz Xavier's assassinationBlack BMW used in Luana Luz Xavier's assassination (Picture: Police)

The police have released more information, including a surveillance video, on the murder of Luana Luz Xavier in an attempt to get more information from possible witnesses. The Chief Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam is offering a reward of 20 thousand euros for the tip that leads to the solving of the case. Xavier, 34, was shot in front of her children on Monday, December 8th last year. The shooting happened in front of their home on Beeckestijn in Amsterdam. According to the police, everything points to a well prepared action. Xavier's boyfriend, and father of two of her children, is a notorious boss in the Amsterdam underworld. On the night of her murder, Xavier had dinner at her sister's home on Sacharovlaan in Amstelveen. Their mother, who was visiting from Brazil and staying with Xavier, was also present. Around 19:00 Luana left her sister's home with her mother and children in her Passat Station. The police believe that she was being observed at her sister's home and that's how the perpetrators knew when she would get home. Luana arrived home at around 19:30. She parked the car, went to turn off the house alarm and walked back to the car to take things out of the boot. At that moment a black BMW with two men stops behind her. The BMW came from the direction of Ockenburghstraat. A young man gets out of the car and immediately starts shooting at Luana. He gets back into the BMW and the car drives away. Luana's completely overwhelmed children knelt down by their mother in an attempt to help her. Luana's mother took the children to safety, taking shelter with neighbors. The perpetrators fled in a black BMW 320d with false registration numer 55-ZD-KJ. The car was found burning on the corner of Haja van Somerenlaan and Joke Smitlaan. The police believe that this location was where the perpetrators gathered as there is a good view of Luana's sister's house just a short walk away via the bike path.

The police believe that the perpetrators also made use of a gray Volkswagen Polo with false number plates 88-NPF-9. The Polo was found in the same parking lot as the BMW. According to the police, the Polo was left behind because it wouldn't start. A witness saw five men running from the Polo towards Betsy Perklaan. The Polo was seen driving pass Luana's house several times at around 01:40 a.m. on December 8th.

The police believe that Luana's house was also being watched on the night before the assassination, Sunday, December 7th. Witnesses saw a young man hanging around near Luana's house between 18:00 and 19:00. He is described as being between 18 and 24 years old, of Moroccan descent and wearing baggy pants and a backpack. According to the police, it is very likely that Luana's relationship with Najib Himmich, 27, is the reason for her death. Himmich is the father of two of her children. There was some trouble in their relationship end 2014, resulting in Luana caring for their children alone. Himmich is counted among the friends and business partners of the now murdered criminal boss Gwennete Martha. The police believe that Najib became a target through his criminal activities, which also brought Luana into the picture.

Najib disappeared in September 2014. As far as the police know, he did not make contact with anyone after Luana's death. This is strange, as Najib has two children with her. The police aren't sure whether he is dead or hiding, afraid of being assassinated himself. It is known that Himmich has several hiding places in Amsterdam and Spain, and possibly also in Morocco. He was last seen in Spain in mid-October 2014. The police would like to make urgent contact with anyone who has any information that could lead to the solving of this case, no matter how insignificant the information may seem. The police have received a handful of tips since this information was broadcast on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night. It is not yet clear if any of these tips are usable. "One of the tips is from someone who might know something about the perpetrators' flight. They set a car on fire during their flight. We do not know which route the took then." police spokesperson Ellie Lust told NOS Radio 1 Journaal.