Suspect unknown in teen girl's beating

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Police released pictures of the damages an unknown man caused by beating up a girl and destroying a car with a pavement brick during Sunday night in Tilburg. The identity of the suspect remains unknown, but by releasing description and details of the abuse, police hopes to find more witnesses to the assault. 

The victim was sitting on the back of her friends bicycle when out of nowhere, a young man threw a brick at her on Ahausstraat, right across from Smikkelaar french fries stand, police press release reveals. The perpetrator threw the pavement brick while the girls were biking from Lage Witsiebaan, hitting the biker on her hand and the girl sitting on the back, straight to her face. She lost her consciousness immediately and was taken to hospital right away. In the hospital, she regained consciousness but suffered severe injuries, including a broken nose, major injuries to her face and a heavily bruised neck. The police is stunned by the incident.

Police is suspecting that the same man destroyed a car with a pavement brick only 200 meters away from where the girls were attacked. He smashed the bonnet and the side windows of the car and carved a swastika and a text saying "white power" on the car. The perpetrator is said to been a white man in his twenties, from 1.80 to 1.85 meters tall with blond or dark blond hair. He was wearing a hat, dark hooded jacket, dark sweatpants and possibly sneakers. He was probably walking along Ringbaan-West and disappeared towaards Rooi Panne around midnight. He might have been seen on Nassaustraat at the height of Beatrixhof as well.