Christian MP calls for ban on anti-democratic, Sharia parties

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The ChristenUnie today proposed modifying the constitution to give courts the power to ban parties and groups that want to overthrow the democratic constitutional state.

According to ChristenUnie Parliamentarian Gert-Jan Segers, a constitutional amendment will help "keep course in turbulent times", Volkskrant reports. "We are dealing with radicalization from both sides. On the one hand, the Salafists and jihadists, on the other hand, the far-right parties. The forces in the center, who defend the democratic state, could use some support."

Segers wants to capture in the constitution that the Netherlands is a democratic constitutional state. And the freedom that provides can not be used to destroy the constitution. This means, for example, that extremists will not be allowed to form a democratic party and then use it to negate the freedom of religion, or any other freedom.

There are two associations that Segers undoubtedly thinks should be banned. "ISIS-like parties that want a caliphate in the Netherlands and so negate our liberties, there is no room for that. And the pedophile association Martijn that affects the freedom of children." According to Segers, the PVV is in a "twilight zone". The mosque ban the party wants affects the freedom of religion and the ban on Islamic schools the freedom of education.

"Then we can stop newcomers: welcome in this country but it is what it is. A constitutional democracy. People currently have a flat view of democracy. They think that it means that half plus one get their way. But a democratic state, that means that the minority has the same rights as the majority."