Anger over FC Utrecht anti-semitic chants

Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)Galgenwaard stadium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Victor van Werkhooven)

The Foundation Fighting Antisemitism has filed charges against FC Utrecht because of the antisemitic chants sung by supporters during the match against Ajax on Sunday. The foundation wants the Public Prosecutor to criminally prosecute the football club, NU reports.

"My father was in the commando, my mother was in the SS. And together they burned Jews, because Jews burn the best", fans chanted in the stadium Galgenwaard.

According to the foundation's lawyer, FC Utrecht is complicit in Antisemitism as they did nothing to stop the chanting in the stadium on Sunday. "We believe that Utrecht should have called the culprits to order through the speaker, and if that did not work, the match should have been stopped in consultation of the referee." Hans Knoop of the foundation told the newspaper. He points out that antisemitism is a criminal offense.

In 2011 the foundation won a lawsuit against ADO Den Haag. The judge ruled that the Hague club must act immediately if antisemitic chants come from the stands.


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