Harassing passenger beats up bus driver

Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)Connexxion bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bartjk)

With additional reporting by Marvin Hokstam.

A Connexxion bus driver was assaulted by a passenger at the bus stop on Sportlaan in Amstelveen around 04:30 yesterday morning, AT5 reports. The incident occurred when the bus driver asked the passenger to leave the bus.

The passenger had harassed other passengers on the bus. He became aggressive when the bus driver asked him to leave.The passenger turned his aggression at the driver, dragged him over the door to his cabin open and proceeded to beat him.

A witness said the bus driver was left with bloodied hands and spatters over his face, completely shocked that “such a small man was that powerful.” When police arrived on the scene, the brute had fled the scene, but passengers knew who he was and were able to give police a description. It is not clear of he has been found yet.

A spokeswoman at Connexxion said he would file a formal complaint at police against his attacker. The driver was treated on his wounds, but he still finished his shift. He went to the hospital for a brief examination after his shift. A spokesperson for Connexxion confirmed that the incident occurred in a bus on the N70 line from Amsterdam CS to Uithoorn.

Conductors from Dutch railway-company NS launched a strike at all train stations in Rotterdam earlier this month after one was attacked by a passengers, causing trains to be delayed and cancelled into the evening rush hour on March 3.

The attack in Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland came just days after another female conductor was physically attacked in Hoofdorp, winding up with multiple bone fractures to her face.