Rotterdam man, 70, arrested for July murder

The police arrested 70 year old Kobus L. from Rotterdam at around 07:00 this morning in a house in Rijsbergen. He is suspected of involvement in the violent murder of 45 year old John Wassink from Roosendaal. 

The police also searched properties in Rotterdam, Roosendaal and Rijsbergen. A trace evidence investigation was done in the house in Rijsbergen. The police also did investigations at an address in Rotterdam where L. often stayed and on the car company in Roosendaal.

Wassink's plastic wrapped body was discovered on Monday, July 28th last year in the Mark Canal. An autopsy revealed that he was shot to death. Wassink had a car dealership in Roosendaal and lived in a mobile home on the company's grounds. The police found traces of blood in the mobile home during their investigation.

Wassink was dating L.'s daughter. L. was one of the last people to see Wassink alive at his car dealership. His alleged motive is a quarrel between Wassink and his daughter.

L. was previously sentenced to 15 years in prison for importing cocaine, Omroep Brabant reports. He spent most of his sentence in the High Security prison in Vught as he was seen as a flight  risk. He was released in 2003.

Wassink's car dealership was also investigated in September last year in connection with the disappearance of Jelle Leemans from Belgium. E.F (42) from Rijsbergen and F. van V. (31) from Roosendaal were arrested in this case. According to the newspaper, F. was also suspected of involvement in the death of his partner Wassink. His lawyer denied that his client was involved. Both men were eventually released due to lack of evidence, but remain suspects.