Smoke from TV presenters' drone battery fills KLM aircraft

Small fire on KLM flight (Picture: Twitter/@Accone)KLM cabin crew deal wit a small fire on a flight (Picture: Twitter/@Accone)

Passengers of KLM flight KL875 experienced some tense moments when a small fire erupted in the overhead compartment for hand luggage. The fire started after the plane landed at Bangkok, was extinguished very quickly and everyone on board left the plane safely, Daily Mail reports.

The fire reportedly started in the hand luggage of presenters' Martijn Krabbe and Herman den Blijker, who were traveling from Amsterdam to Bangkok for their show Op De Proef Gesteld. The bag contained a drone, whose battery apparently went up in flames.

"We use it (the drone) to shoot. The battery was still in and that caused the smoke in the bag", Martijn Krabbe told RTL Boulevard. "There's nothing more to it. There will now be mch bigger stories going around, but there is not truth to them"

Another passenger filmed the incident and posted it on twitter. The video clearly shows that the cabin crew managed to extinguish the fire in no time.