Heineken kidnapper Holleeder sent back to prison

Willem Holleeder (56) has been sentenced to 46 days in prison by the court in Haarlem for threatening crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. The court also acquitted him of extortion against former Hells Angels leader Theo Huisman due to lack of evidence.

The 46 days prison sentence is equal to the amount of time Holleeder spent in custody, NU reports. He will have to spend 90 days in prison because he threatened De Vries while he was still on probation, thereby violating his parole. Holleeder was sentenced to 9 years in prison for another extortion case and was released on parole in January 2012 after six years.

Holleeder's sentence is much lower than what the Public prosecutor demanded - 1.5 years for extortion and threats against Huisman (part of the Andes-process) and 3 years for parole violation.

Andes-prime suspect Dick Vrij was also sentenced to 36 months in prison today. Vrij was found guilty of various assaults and extortion, including an assault on Holleeder. The court ruled that the evidence proved that Vrij was part of a criminal organization that was involved in forgery and money laundering.

The court will also rule on fellow Andes-suspect Danny K. today. The Public Prosecutor demanded 6.5 years in prison against him.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Vrij and K. are part of a criminal network, which also includes Holleeder, that committed various crimes such as money laundering and committing violence.