Natalee Holloway's father calls for new investigation in disappearance

Natalee Holloway (Picture: Twitter/@haroldgater)Natalee Holloway (Picture: Twitter/@haroldgater)

Dave Holloway, Natalee Holloway's father, has called on the Public Prosecutor to investigate the tip that his daughter is buried under the Marriott hotel in Aruba, the AD reports.

Natalee Holloway disappeared on May 30th, 2005 while on vacation with members of her Mountain Brook, Alabama high school graduation class in Aruba. Amsterdam resident Jurrien de Jong claims to have been an eyewitness to her disappearance. According to him, Joran van der Sloot killed the American girl on a closed construction site where a new complex of the Marriott hotel was under construction. De Jong states that he saw Van der Sloot hiding Holloway's body under the floor of the Marriott Aruba Surf Club Hotel. De Jong was at the construction site that night for illegal, drug-related activities, which is why he did not come forward with his testimony right away.

In 2013 Dave Holloway spoke with De Jong several times. "His story sounded convincing on the phone", he told the newspaper. Holloway remembers smelling a strong scent of decay when visiting the construction site after his daughter's disappearance. He now thinks that De Jong's story "should not be ignored".