Ban hateful, radical imams from entering NL: VVD MP

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The VVD has called for an exclusion of “controversial” imams who they say are scheduled to speak at a gala in Rijswijk in March. The party accuses the religious figures of using hate speech to rile up their listeners.

"Moreover these are people who preach intolerance. We should not offer a sage to that in our country," said VVD-Second Chamber member Malik Azmani in an interview with the Telegraaf. Azmani thinks that the risk to public order and security is too large if the event in Rijswijk continues. The attacks in Copenhagen, where a young Dane - spurred on by the attacks in Paris - sowed death and destruction, over this weekend underlines this, he said. Azmani wants Security and Justice secretary Fred Teeven to deny the imams access to the Netherlands by legal means, like not granting them a visa. He also wonders whether there are other methods to thwart extremist events. The benefit gala is being organized by Foundation Rohamaa for March 8 at Event Plaza, Lange Kleiweg in Rijswijk; the Islamic foundation states on its website that the objective is to contribute to a “safe and just world." With additional reporting by Marvin Hokstam.