Don't wear cop uniforms to Carnival: Police

Children's police costume (Picture: Twitter/@gradpetrarca). (Children's police costume (Picture: Twitter/@gradpetrarca))

A party outfit supplier selling police uniform costumes for this year's carnival decided to recall the products after consultation with the police department. Police are strongly advising against civilians wearing cop costumes during this year's carnival, the department said in a statement.

The party supplier was stocking new operational police uniforms that have strong similarities with the actual uniform officially used by officers. The department is concerned that this will lead to confusion when someone needs assistance from a cop, if an emergency is occurring, or if there is a threat to public safety.. After consulting lawyers and the police, the supplier decided to pull the outfits from the market.

Police are encouraging adults already possessing the police uniform outfit not to wear it. Child-sized police uniforms are not part of the recall.

Aggression and violence towards police officers can also be directed against partygoers wearing this outfit. Criminals taking advantage of citizens and scamming people is also a risk, a point made clear after a fake SWAT team raided a home in Breda.

Wearing a such costume is not illegal itself, however acting as a police officer while dressed up as one is punishable, police said.