Vught hostage situation a "false alarm"

The police raided a home on Michiel de Ruyterweg in Vught last night. They received a report of a possible hostage situation in the home. This later turned out to be a false alarm, the  police said last night.

At about 22:45 last night, the police surrounded the house in Vught, causing local residents to wonder what was going on. "We understood that a woman and her children were taken hostage. That is why there were so many police and a negotiator on the spot", a spokesperson of the police explained later.

After some time, police officers in bulletproof vests entered the house. According to Omroep Brabant, they escorted a woman with children from the house. The police found that nothing suspicious was going on inside the house. No one was injured.

The police are investigating where the report of the hostage situation came from.