Baby gorilla born in Limburg zoo

The GaiaZoo in Limburg had two new arrivals this week. The first is a baby gorilla, born to first time mother Tamidol. The second is a baby crested mangabey. Crested mangabeys are very rare and there are only 40 living in 15 European zoos. The birth of the baby gorilla was the first birth in a Dutch zoo of the year. The first days of life of a young gorilla is always very exciting. Mother gorillas do not naturally know how to care for their young, and have to learn it from other female gorillas. The way Tamidol holds her baby shows that the maternal care has been learned properly, according to the zoo. The gorilla caretakers have also seen the baby drink several times. A few days after the gorilla's birth, a rare crested mangabey came into the world. It's been nearly five years since the last crested mangabey was born in the GaiaZoo.

The crested mangabeys and gorillas share a habitat in the GaiaZoo. The zoo staff look forward to seeing the difference in the development between the two ape babies.