Ex-girlfriends killer sentenced to life

Faig B. (29) from Helmond was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in The Hague. According to the judges, B. shot and killed three young women "in a ruthless manner", committed homicide on the mother of one of the victims and seriously injured the same victim's father. B. was previously also sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in Dordrecht.

In 2011 the Russian born B. first killed his ex-girlfriend Farida Fargat at his home in Helmond. He shot her from behind, twice in he head and once in the back. A few days later B. drove to Zwijndrecht and there shot and killed another ex-girlfriend, Nargiz Archoendov. B. also killled Nargiz's sister (thinking that she was Nargiz) and mother. Her father was also hit in the hail of bullets, but narrowly escaped death.

During the trail, forensic psychologist Corine de Ruiter named B. a "hoarder" and considered him not completely accountable. With that statement B.'s lawyer hoped to get him sentenced to a forensic psychiatric institution where B. can be treated and eventually released. B.'s lawyer argued for a sentence of maximum 20 years in prison. According to the defense, B. acted under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

The court determined that B. knew exactly what he was doing and was not acting in "panic, impulse or psychosis". "One who prepares a loaded gun and weighs in advance what is going to happen is not acting on a sudden impulse" the judges explained.

The Netherlands currently has 36 life-term prisoners.