Radical Muslims flee Netherlands fearing arrest

A number of radical Dutch Muslims are on the run after the failed attack in Belgium and the terrorist attack in France. In the Hague alone 11 Muslims have fled. Four of them were arrested in Turkey. They were on their way to Syria.

The foursome have been planning to go to Syria for some time, but their plans were accelerated, AD reports. According to The Hague councilor Arnoud van Doorn of the Partij van de Eenheid, the accelerated plans are due to the attacks in France and Belgium. "There lives fear of arrests in the Netherlands." This also applies to other young people who have left The Hague in a hurry. Some have found refuge in Morocco or with relatives.

The young Muslim "Abe Zakaria" from the Hague was also planning to go to Syria in the aftermath of the events in France and Belgium. Once on the road however, he regretted his decision and returned to the Netherlands with the help of his family. Back in the Hague he had to immediately report to the police station. Zakaria was not taken into custody, but had to hand in his passport.

The four young people that Zakaria was traveling with, were arrested in Turkey. This possibly happened on the instruction of the General Information and Security Service, which provided a list of names of radical Muslims in the Netherlands to the Turkish authorities, AD reports. The list probably contains several hundred names. The vast majority of these people are still in the Netherlands.