Man shot dead in Amsterdam Noord

A man was shot and killed in Amsterdam Noord on Wednesday. Police officers found the man seriously wounded in his car on Tussendek at around 15:40. Emergency workers tried to resuscitate the man on the scene and at the hospital, but to no avail. The victim has been identified as the 44 year old Okan Fidan. 

A local resident told RTV Noord Holland that two men fired on the victim. Her friend saw that the man was hit in the head. According to the woman, the victim was engaged in "mafia-thingies".

The police can say very little about the circumstances of the murder. The really want to make contact with the witnesses who told their stories on RTV Noord Holland and AT5.

Fidan survived another assassination attempt in 2010. Then Fidan and another man was in a car on the Torontobrug in Amsterdam when a bomb exploded in the trunk of the car. The car was armored so the two occupants escaped unharmed. Fidan used to be the bodyguard of a Turkish criminal, De Telegraaf reports.