Traffic jams unchanged in 2014

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This year there were about the same amount of traffic jams on Dutch roads as in 2013. This seems to be the end of the decline in traffic congestion in recent years. This is according to provisional figures that the Traffic Information Service (VID) published today.

Just like last year the Terbregseplein (Rotterdam) on the A20 between Hoek van Holland and Gouda caused the most traffic problems.

Here follows the VID's list of the 10 sites with the most traffic problems this year:

  1. Junction Terbregseplein, from Hoek van Holland to Gouda. Highway A20. This junction also had the most traffic problems in 2013
  2. Moordrecht, from Hoek van Holland to Gouda. Highway A20.
  3. Eembrugge, on the A1 from Amsterdam to Amersfoort.
  4. Junction Terbregseplein, the area on the A16 from Breda to Rotterdam
  5. Rijnsweerd, between Amersfoort and Utrecht. Highway A28.
  6. Junction Badhoevedorp, between Alkmaar and Amstelveen on the A9.
  7. Rotterdam Center, on the A20 between Gouda and Hoek van Holland.
  8. Zoeterwoude-Town, from Delft to Amsterdam on the A4.
  9. In Oosterbeek, on the A12 between Utrecht and Arnhem.
  10. The Merwedebrug, on the A27 from Gorinchem to Breda.