Maastricht teen jihadist dies in Syria

A 19 year old teenager from Maastricht who traveled to Syria in September to join terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS), died in Syria last week.

The teen was seriously injured by a grenade of the Assad army on Friday. The Assad army was trying to avoid an ISIS conquest of a military air base near the city of Deir al-Zour. He was taken to a hospital. A friend of the teen told his family that he died shortly after surgery. The family in Maastricht told the police that their son will be buried in Raqqa, the capital of the ISIS proclaimed caliphate.

The young man, of Iraqi Kurdish origin, traveled to Syria in mid-September with Sultan Berzel (19). Berzel was killed in Iraq last month. Presumably Berzel committed a suicide bombing attack at police station in Baghdad. The National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security has confirmed that that the attack was carried out by a Dutchman, but made no further comment.